Disclosure and Giveaway Policies


  1. Mermaid Vision Books requires e-mail addresses when commenting, but the blogger will never compile or use this information without specific reason and the permission of the person in question. Any personal information gathered on the website remains confidential, and is never sent to mailing lists or used for any other purposes.
  2. Links to external sites/posts are only posted by the blogger in a specific context, and may contain content that is not vetted by the blogger.
  3. All giveaways hosted by Mermaid Vision Books are run through Rafflecopter to ensure fair and accurate results.
  4. Giveaways are open to U.S./Canada entrants only, unless specified otherwise when the giveaway goes live.
  5. Personal information, e.g. an entrant’s mailing address, will only be requested in the event of a winning entry, and will never be kept beyond the date a prize is shipped out. When the giveaway is sponsored by an external company, like a publisher, and the prize is coming from that company, any personal information requested will only be shared with the blogger’s direct contact at that company for the express purpose of sending the prize to the winner.
  6. There is no compensation provided to the blogger for running any giveaway.

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