Rolling Out With the Tide – Saying Goodbye to Mermaid Vision Books

Five years ago, I wrote my first piece on this little blog. I had just graduated from university, and was looking for an outlet for my creative energies. Having just moved to Canada as well, I was enjoying access to a public library and reading over 20 books a week. I found myself with so many thoughts about these books that blogging made perfect sense.

Today, I’m closing my book blog.

Anna and the French Kiss MVB review

The very first book review I ever posted. Happy to say that my love for this book hasn’t changed.

I loved blogging, because I could apply what I learned as a creative writing major to books that I wanted to read. (I never said I wasn’t a nerd.) Over the years, I was lucky to have opportunities to work with authors, publicists at the Big Five publishers, and of course, with my fellow bloggers. Shoutout to Ksenia, who was the first publicist to take a chance on my tiny blog back in 2012! I am especially grateful to the ladies of Book Blog Ontario–Jen, Nicole, Jackie, Mel, Christa, Liz, Wendy, Michele–for being great teammates as we brought together the Ontario book blogging community.

Writing about books for the last five years has helped me in immeasurable ways, both professionally and personally.I’m glad to have been able to experience amazing book events and get to read some lovely books along the way. I would not be writing for the outlets I do now without the experience I gained here, and I would not know so many good friends without the interactions that blogging gave me.

This isn’t the end of my writing about books. You can continue to find my work at Women Write About Comics and Book Riot. I’ll still be reviewing books with some regularity, and those will be going up on YA Books Central. I can also be found at The Tempest this summer, as I work away as an Editorial Fellow.

If you’ve ever read anything on my blog, thank you. I’ve really enjoyed writing reviews here over the last five years, and learning from all of you. Cheers!


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