Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Songs I Wish Were Novels

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

10. “Sweet Ophelia” – Zella Day

sweet ophelia,
when young blood escapes
vows that break
go up, up away

This song always makes me think of the Wild West, and a girl who’s trying to make her way in a world that doesn’t give a damn about her. I recently reread part of Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne Valente, and it goes so well with Snow’s story.

9. “And So It Goes” – Billy Joel

so i would choose to be with you
that’s if the choice were mine to make
but you can make decisions too
and you can have this heart to break

I first heard this song after reading a Sailormoon songfic inspired by this particular stanza, and I’ve loved it since then. It’s a tentative song, but so clear in its yearning. I’d love to see a contemporary YA romance with this kind of sweet courtship.

8. “Home” – Angela Aki

when i tried to gently part the veil
between the past and now
the light spilling from a chasm in the sky
will direct me to the road of return
home is calling

I think a lot about home and identity and how those two things intertwine with each other. Lots of writers of colour do. Listening to this song makes me want a story of a young woman who has to make her own home, with her hopes and dreams, despite her own misgivings.

7. “The Call” – Regina Spektor

now we’re back to the beginning
it’s just a feeling and no one knows yet
but just because they can’t feel it too
doesn’t mean that you have to forget

Post-apocalyptic novel anyone? The uncertainty of discovering what things mean again, friendship, family, love, and what they are capable of giving us.

6. “Firefly” – Arashi

in the corners of this room where we spent such sweet days
you are sleeping with a smile
happiness is something two people make
we couldn’t do it

When I listen to this track, I almost immediately think of a punk rock girl band on tour, and the hearts they’ve broken along the way.

5. “Here We Go Again” – Demi Lovato

so how did you get here under my skin
swore that I’d never let you back in
should’ve known better
than trying to let you go
’cause here we go go go again

FAKE DATING/ENGAGEMENT/MARRIAGE STORIES. Especially if they HATE each other at first. I am, as Lin-Manuel Miranda would phrase it, “trash for the thing.” I don’t care what genre they’re in, but give me all the fake relationship stories with extra pining and a passionate confession/kissing in the rain on top.

4. “Aozora Pedal” – Arashi

i pedaled with all my might
so hard that my bike could have flown
you were sitting behind me with your arms round me
it felt like you were holding me tighter than usual

While I am trash for fake relationships ending happily for all parties involved, I do love angsty endings just a smidgen more. This song is so happy but also so very sad and it makes me sad but it also makes me happy, and I would like to file a complaint against Sakurai Sho for the feelings.

3. “That Girl” – Alexz Johnson

but still, i try and justify
try to let this die
we’ll never say goodbye, i can’t wait
i’ll rub it in your face
dressed in pretty lace
i’ll send you home, to cry

Badass ladies taking revenge on the people that broke their hearts!


2. “Kiss Me Slowly” – Parachute

she stood by as it fell apart,
separate rooms and broken hearts,
but i won’t be the one to let you go.

You know that moment in a story where you can feel the two characters teetering just on the edge of something brilliant, something that will change their lives, if they could just have the courage to reach for it? If I could bottle that moment into a song that could then become an entire novel, I would do it, and this would be the song.

1. “Still…” – Arashi

“what did you say to me back then…”
saying that doesn’t matter anymore, does it?
we met often, we gradually understood, and as the season drew near we cried often
uou are you, so paint your dreams huge
i’ll be here wishing for your success
“if you just wait around, tomorrow won’t come
if you only move here, nothing will start”

I love this song more than a lot of things in life, and I wish it was a book that I could physically hold in my arms forever. Because I like pain. And also crying. And Sakurai Sho’s rap in this song destroys me every single time.

What are some songs you’d love to see as novels? 


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  1. Ahhh Demi Lovato and Billy Joel! I’ve never heard of Angela Aki, but Home was absolutely beautiful 😀 Have you heard of Joe Hisashi? He did the soundtracks for Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, and he’s one of my favorites. He’s also performed at Budokan.

    – Eli @ The Silver Words
    My TTT:

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