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[recap] 27 Things I Did in 2015

2015 went by a lot quicker than I had expected it to, and I was similarly surprised by how quickly I was able to draw up this list. My third year of writing these lists was an eventful one, and I was much more social than I’ve been before. I was also lucky enough to have had more writing opportunities, and to learn from some truly amazing writers about craft and imagination and the work of writing. So here’s to the 27 Things I Did in 2015, and the lovely friends and mentors who’ve been there for these moments. Thank you for being with me.


  1. Became a regular news columnist at Women Write About Comics: check out the Book Beat on Thursdays, and Shinbun Saturdays for your manga news!
  2. Became a Book Riot contributor!
  3. Helped organize the 4th annual Book Blog Ontario meetup.
  4. Attended Fan Expo as press.
  5. Voted in my first Canadian election!
  6. Conducted my first red carpet interviews at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival.
  7. Started a pull list at my local comic shop, despite feeling very intimidated by the process at first.
  8. Learned katakana!
  9. Got tickets to Hamilton that didn’t cost me my soul–I’m seeing it with best friends Meg and Aimee, and Aimee’s sister Madiha in August!
  10. Found the pens I’m going to use for the rest of my life at Muji.


  1. Went on a nine-day cross-country roadtrip with 3 of the AFriends (Meg, Tara, and Jess–shoutout to Jess’ car for getting us through Ohio!) for Lizzie’s wedding!
  2. Visited Fort Wayne for the first time.
  3. Explored Ohio: Kent, Ravenna, Cleveland, and Alliance.
  4. Visited the Toronto Holiday Market for the first time.


  1. Met Arashi pal Marissa for the first time!
  2. Became better friends with Ardo and Lindsey, leading to many Toronto adventures.
  3. Spent a great Saturday night hanging at The Lockhart (aka the HP bar) with blogger friends Michele, Christa, Ardo, and Lindsey!


  1. Saw the tour production of Newsies!
  2. Did six escape rooms, with a 50% escape rate so far.
  3. Watched an Arashi concert in a movie theatre (and in matching shirts) with the AFriends and ONLY the AFriends (It was basically six grown women screaming and crying hysterically/happily for three hours, thanks to a man band. No regrets.).
  4. Tried and fell in love with Steak n’ Shake milkshakes.
  5. Attended a Zella Day concert with Toronto friends Chandra, Leah, and Bianca.
  6. Met Karen Gillan! And she said I (and my Amy Pond shirt) was cute!
  7. Attended a Taylor Swift concert with Meg!
  8. Went to my first haunted house with Ardo!
  9. Watched my first Bollywood movie (Kal Ho Naa Ho) and LOVED it.
  10. Experienced my first surprise birthday party.

What was your 2015 like, readers?


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