life and times of angel

Weekly Playlist: The One with Korean Cowboys

Seeing me sans earphones is rare, and while I do listen to a wide variety of artists and genres, I find that most weeks, there are a few songs that end up on repeat.

For the last seven months or so, my bestie Aimee has been talking my ear off about a Korean boy band called Super Junior. I’ve heard some of their songs on occasion, but this week, I made the mistake of listening to this song. I’m now scared to check how many times I’ve played it in the last 48 hours.

I also rediscovered how much I love this J-pop track by Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, and am still bitter about Jessica not being part of the group anymore. This video in particular makes me think of them as Sailor Senshi.

And of course, this week wouldn’t be complete without the new Arashi single on repeat. I’m not a huge fan of the music video, especially now that we’ve seen them do the choreography, but I do appreciate the lovely closeups of Jun’s face and hands.


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