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[recap] 26 Things I Did in 2014

It’s been a rather eventful week, with more downs than ups, and definitely not enough sleep. But as it does every week, Friday’s come along and I’m still somewhat whole.

Likewise, we’re a month into 2015, after what turned out to be a very dramatic year. I’ve spent much of the last few days thinking about 2014, and the various sad moments that I thought would never end, and the happy moments that I wish hadn’t ended. It was a year of growth and upheaval, and of things that I never expected to be a part of my life. So here’s to the 26 Things I Did in 2014, and the things I’ll do next.


  1. Completely memorized hiragana, and can now write and read in it. Next stop: katakana, and 100 kanji.
  2. Applied to become a Women Write About Comics staff writer, and actually succeeded!
  3. Participated in diversity discussions on social media.
  4. Submitted a short story to a real contest for the first time (I didn’t win, but y’all don’t even know what it took for me to even decide to enter).
  5. Reread all 7 Harry Potter books, and wrote about them.
  6. Walked around New York City by myself and did not get lost once.
  7. Wrote my first Con Diary for Fan Expo.
  8. Moved to a new house!
  9. Learned how to really use all the complicated stuff in Excel (I know, I’m shocked too.)
  10. Wrote about Japanese and Korean dramas that have taught me about plotting out storylines and using tropes in creative ways.
  11. Became a Canadian.
  12. Hand-decorated Christmas cookies.
  13. Made my Goodreads reading goal for the year.


  1. Went on a vacation by myself for the first time.
  2. Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.
  3. Visited Tennessee for the first time!


  1. Celebrated Meghan’s birthday with Tara and Kayla during an AFriends Arashi Weekend!
  2. Met Aimee and Madiha for the first time in real life!
  3. Met Jojo, Nuance, Daphne and Lillie for the first time in real life!


  1. Visited Kinokuniya and flailed over all the Arashi stuff.
  2. Saw Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in real life, a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.
  3. Spent 12+ hours watching Pretty Guardian Sailormoon with the U_M girls!
  4. Saw Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill at Fan Expo.
  5. Met Maggie Stiefvater and didn’t cry!
  6. Fell in love with the webseries Carmilla and attended a meetup with the cast.
  7. Saw Wicked for the first time at the Detroit Opera House!

What was your 2014 like, readers?


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