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[Series Spotlight] You’re Beautiful

you're-beautiful-bannerSeries Spotlight is a monthly feature in which I talk about television shows or miniseries that has caught my attention and/or undying devotion. Have a suggestion for a TV show I should watch? Let me know in the comments!

The Premise: Aspiring nun Go Mi-nyeo has enough problems without her twin brother joining a boy band and getting plastic surgery. When complications arise, her brother’s manager begs Mi-nyeo to pose as Go Mi-nam, and Mi-nyeo agrees only because the subsequent fame would give them a chance to find their real mother. But hey, it’s not like the three other guys in the band would mind that she’s a girl…right?

The Draw: It’s not often that I can blame entrance into a television black hole on a specific person, but this is one of those times. When I was first descending into Arashi madness, my friend Thea created an Asian drama rec post for me. You’re Beautiful was the first one on the list, and in four days, my friend Jamie and I watched all 20 episodes. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at first, but the series was too charming to resist.


Why You Should Stick Around: This series is absolutely, 100% carried by its actors. Park Shin-hye as Go Mi-nyeo/Mi-nam is enchanting, and she makes even the most ridiculous scenes work. There is a luminous quality to her acting, and she can switch between silly faces to heartbreaking expressions of guilt and uncertainty without struggling.


tumblr_mdfz64OazS1rqqwv3o4_250Her chemistry with all three of her co-stars keeps the drama fresh and captivating, and though it might seem like a love quadrangle, I loved the friendship that develops so much more. I’ll admit to having shippy moments now and then, but really, how could you not with scenes that involve guitars and cute boys singing to you? That said, be prepared to cry multiple times during this series–I still can’t think about Jeremy’s “treasure bus” without wanting to curl up in a pillow forever.


tumblr_m9a8s9gzvi1r0n47ho3_250The secret of Go Mi-nam’s real identity drives most of the drama, and it was great seeing how Mi-nyeo and the boys learned to deal with each other. Mi-nyeo was very naive and trusting, but being with Tae-kyung, Shin-woo and Jeremy brought out a refreshing confidence in her. She doesn’t change who she is, but she does become more comfortable with the things she wants in life, and she is more to claim those things, including her own happiness, at the end of the series.

Next month on Series Spotlight: “Give me the gun, and save the girl.”

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