Weekly Playlist: The One with Unrequited Love

Seeing me sans earphones is rare, and while I do listen to a wide variety of artists and genres, I find that most weeks, there are a few songs that end up on repeat.

This week found me revising a story to the soothing sounds of an old Arashi song. “Snowflake” is an adorable song on its own, but the video below managed to make it even cuter. (If I knew how to make flash animations…I would probably never get anything done ever again.)

Another video/song that’s wormed its way into my head over the last week is this hilarious number for the Broadway musical A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. The Tony performance was astonishing and so so funny, and I’m hoping that the show will come to Toronto at some point.

I also satisfied the melancholy part of my brain with Ingrid Michaelson‘s new song featuring A Great Big World, “Over You.” It’s perfect for contemplating how best to break up an OTP in a new story. Not that I do that. Often. Maybe.

What songs have you been jamming to this week? Any recs?


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