Harry Potter Reread 2014

[HP Reread 2014] Order of the Phoenix Check-in #2

hp-bannerI, along with some of my favourite bloggers, am rereading all seven books this year. Here on MVB, I will be livetweeting as I read, as well as writing up a bi-weekly recap of where I’m at in the book. When I was first discovering the series, I read so quickly that I never really let myself savour each word, so I am very much looking forward to taking my time and letting everything I love about Harry’s story sink in. harry potter order of the phoenixThe Chapters:

  1. Hagrid’s Tale
  2. The Eye of the Snake
  3. St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
  4. Christmas on the Closed Ward
  5. Occlumency
  6. The Beetle at Bay
  7. Seen and Unforeseen
  8. The Centaur and the Sneak
  9. Snape’s Worst Memory
  10. Career Advice
  11. Grawp
  12. O.W.L.s
  13. Out of the Fire
  14. Fight and Flight
  15. The Department of Mysteries
  16. Beyond the Veil
  17. The Only One He Ever Feared
  18. The Lost Prophecy
  19. The Second War Begins

The Highlights: (some spoilers for plot arcs in play in this book and the rest of the series.)

  • Hagrid’s mission to the giants is definitely a scene I wish had been shown in the films. In general, I feel like Hagrid’s backstory was something that the films (understandably) glossed over. We see him in interactions with the Trio, and with Dumbledore, but get very little of things that he’s done on his own. His compassion and determination are highlighted in the way he deals with the giants, and I’ve grown to appreciate him more and more with each successive reread.
  • The nightmare that Harry has and which turns out to be true scared me quite a bit as a child. The attack on Mr. Weasley is similar to Mrs. Weasley’s experience with the boggart earlier in the novel in that it reminds the reader of the physical danger that all of these characters are in. The sacrifices that they make for the tiny hope that Voldemort will be defeated are on full display, and Harry feeling that he’s responsible
  • On Snape’s Worst Memory–discussion time with the bestie!
    Aimee: It’s not his worst memory because James was bullying him, but because he acted really badly in response to it towards Lily, and because he pushed her away. It’s the turning point in their friendship.
    Angel: I think it’s his worst memory because he’s running away from who he is. I’ve noticed that he has this tendency to sort- of–he doesn’t like situations where he can’t control what people think of him. Where he doesn’t have power. And in his situation, James humiliates him, and he doesn’t like asking for help, but Lily tried to help him.
    Aimee: Well, yeah, because James used his own spell against him.
    Angel: Okay, see, that’s a question I have. Did he make up Sectumsempra, because Remus said that it was a popular spell, that it was going around–
    Aimee: Yeah, that it was a trend.
    Angel: Exactly. So who made it up? Did Snape make it up or was it just something that everyone was trying?
    Aimee: I think Snape made it up, and someone saw him using it, and then it spread.
  • Sirius. Sirius.
  • I’m finding that as I go through this reread, I’m appreciating Harry as a character more and more. I never disliked him, but I did pay more attention to other characters, like Hermione. This time, it’s easy for me to see Harry’s perspective and understand where he’s coming from and what struggles he was going through. The age difference between us helps as well–I don’t find myself annoyed by his behaviour or his short temper because I know that when you’re 15 (and sometimes even when you’re 25), life is frustrating and weird and tough. Adding magic and its politics/abuses can’t help that.

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  • February: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • March: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • April: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • May: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • June: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • July: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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