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[Series Spotlight] New Girl

Untitled-2Series Spotlight is a monthly feature in which I talk about television shows or miniseries that has caught my attention and/or undying devotion. Have a suggestion for a TV show I should watch? Let me know in the comments!

The Premise: Jess Day has an amazing life, an awesome best friend, and an even better boyfriend–until she doesn’t. The breakup leads to Craigslist and a loft shared by three men, who don’t quite realize just how much Jess is about to change their lives.


The Draw: New Girl’s style of comedy is remarkably self-aware, but the chemistry between the cast members is just as noteworthy. I’ll admit that I had my doubts about Zooey being able to pull off a character like Jess, but I needn’t have worried: she’s genuine and endearing. The humour ranges from slapstick to subtle, and there’s always at least one surprise in every episode.


tumblr_m375v9wegn1roc8peo1_250Why You Should Stick Around:  I’ll be honest, I gave up on this show about three episodes into season 1. I did not resume watching it until about halfway through season 2, on Meg’s recommendation, and I immediately went back and caught up on everything I’d missed. Being able to relate to these characters is a huge plus, and depending on the situation, I can see myself in all five (now six) of them. The show isn’t afraid to hit on all of the insecurities and bewildering events of 20-somethings trying to figure out their lives, and I appreciate that honesty because it’s reminded me that sometimes laughing it off is the only thing you can do.

I especially love the focus on friendship. Yes, Nick and Jess are super adorable and amazing, and Cece and Schmidt alternately make me want to punch a wall and curl up in the fetal position. But both of those relationships are built on friendship, and it’s what keeps the group together even after breakups explode onto the scene. The crazy antics don’t overshadow the moments when one or two or all of them just need someone to understand what they’re going through.


Things rarely work out the way any of the characters want them to, and that’s what makes the show so captivating. As much as it makes me laugh, I don’t watch New Girl to only be entertained. I watch it because it doesn’t try to hide the fact that life is confusing and weird, and sometimes all you can do is hold on to the people that make every single day worth all the crap. And as Jess herself says: “We’re a family. You can’t choose who you love, sometimes they choose you. And sometimes it’s just because you got a really great deal on Craigslist. I got a really great deal on Craigslist. I got all of you.”


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