Tuesday Tune-Up

Tuesday Tune-Up: Joshua Radin

feb-tune-upTuesday Tune-Up is a monthly feature on music that influences my writing and/or reminds me of books I love. Have a suggestion for an artist I should check out? Let me know in the comments!



The Discovery: My first Joshua Radin song was actually a cover of Yazoo’s “Only You,” a song that will probably be very very familiar to Jessica Darling/Megan McCafferty fans. I loved the light guitar and the echoes, and immediately started looking for more of his music, gratified to find that he was a songwriter as well.

The Music: We Were Here, Radin’s first album, is soft and soothing–it got me through some stressful times. But listen more closely, and you’ll find some truly romantic and moving words. Radin writes all of his own music, though he does cover songs often, giving them his own gentle touch. Most of the instrumentation is simple, just a guitar strumming along with his voice.

Radin has also done some remarkable duets with other talented singer/songwriters, namely: Meiko, Ingrid Michaelson and Schuyler Fisk. The songs tend to be conversational in these duets, drawing parallels between both singers’ personas and their feelings for each other. You might also recognize some of his songs from TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and even American Idol.

Off the Record: 

Wonder if you’ll understand
It’s just the touch of your hand
Behind a closed door

Less electronica than the original, Radin’s voice stands out in this track.

I know you’re scared that soon I’ll be over it
That’s part of it all
Part of the beauty of falling in love with you
Is the fear you won’t fall

Those last two lines are some of my favourite lyrics ever, and I loved the softness of this song so much.

But this is the way I need to wake
I’ll wake to you, and you never left me
All that I dreamt had been untrue
Open my eyes I see sky

This is probably my favourite live version of this song, because Radin and Michaelson’s voices are so rich. The blend of their harmonies is absolutely enchanting.

But somehow it all makes sense
Like I’ve done this before in the past tense
And I know I’ll see you again
Cause the myth of us never ends
So it’s always you

I loved the wordplay in this song the moment I heard it.

For you I’d break these walls
I’d choose to fall
I’m going to cross that line for you tonight

I think this song encompasses everything I love about Radin’s music: it’s gentle and simple, letting the story come to life against a lilting piano and guitar.


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