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25 Things I Did in 2013

2013 was a strange year, overall–it seemed to pass so quickly, but it brought so many weird and wonderful things into my life. I also turned 25 this year, which is a milestone, I suppose? I can no longer fake the whole “adult” thing, cause wow, I really am one, complete with all the trappings and responsibilities.

That said, 2013 did have some really good moments, and I would like to take this opportunity to look back on them before I let 2014 carry me along. So here is my list of the 25 Things I (Somehow) Did in 2013!

  • Wrote a 100k word novel over nine months, and am still working on it now.
  • Started learning Japanese. (I can read about 75% of the hiragana alphabet now, and can translate some very simple sentences.)
  • Saw three fantastic musicals: Les Miserables (twice! with Ramin Karimloo as Valjean!), Once and Avenue Q.
  • Spent my 25th birthday having an Arashi watch party with two of my favourite people in a plush hotel room.


  • Got a full-time job that I love!
  • Started exercising more, with the help of C25K.
  • Met Marissa for the first time, after eight years of being friends!
In the name of the moon--go read Cinder and Scarlet!

In the name of the moon–go read Cinder and Scarlet!

  • Co-created a spreadsheet to keep track of 15 years’ worth of Arashi videos (shhhh, I like being organized!).
  • Co-hosted the third annual Ontario Book Blogger meetup with the rest of the Ontario Blog Squad!


  • BNKUjHCCcAAkca3Met and interviewed Ally Carter AND DID NOT CRY.
  • Attended a blogger reading retreat with some of the Toronto Bloggettes–very little sleep, lots of laughing and amazing food!
  • Started practicing my French and Spanish again with the help of Duolingo.
  • Went to Philadelphia for the first time in ten years, which was an exercise in deja vu at the very least since almost nothing has changed.
  • Spent more time with my cousins.
  • Actively participated in social situations that normally give me intense anxiety.
  • Discovered what might possibly be my favourite TV show ever: Nikita.

  • Came up with some solid goals for 2014, even when it was hard to think of doing anything at all.
  • Learned how to cook my favourite foods.
  • Rediscovered how much I love writing, especially by hand.
  • Did grown-up things, with minimal complaint and a little more self-confidence than in previous years.
  • Survived.

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