Book Blogger 15 Day Challenge

[15 Day Challenge] Day 8: Fifteen Blog Favourites

15-Day-ChallengeSo I am nothing if not a fan of challenges. Happily, April over at Good Books and Good Wine just came up with a fantastic meme for book bloggers, and I’m definitely going to be participating!

I love many things about blogs but pinpointing them was more difficult than I thought it would be.

1. Simple layouts: I don’t need anything flashy, because I’m there to read your posts, not be awed by all the colours of the wind.

2. Tags: I love love love tags, so if you use them or categories to organize your blog, you can be sure I’ll be visiting often and staying for a while.

3. Social media buttons: I like getting to know the bloggers whose sites I visit, so being able to connect on social media is always a plus.

4. Variety of posts: Blogs that only do memes or only reviews don’t capture my attention as swiftly as those that try to engage their readers with discussion posts. I’m bad at them myself, but I LOVE reading them.

5. Silence: Please, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, stay AWAY from the autoplay. Blogs that I can read while listening happily to my own music are blogs I will come back to again and again.

6. Personal quirks: I like being able to associate certain blogs with specific things about their writers, and I like seeing that stuff pop up in reviews or discussion posts.

7. Quotes: I enjoy seeing the passages bloggers choose to highlight in books they review, because I think it reveals things about them too.

8. Event recaps: One of my favourite things about living in Toronto is knowing the bloggers in and around the GTA. When we go to book events or even just shopping, the posts that go up after are a great way to relive the experience and see the different perspectives of friends and new additions to the blogging community.

9. GIFs: In moderation! All you need is one really, and if it’s the right one, it will have the right impact and garner exactly the reaction you want from readers.

10. Literary theory: if you start discussing postcolonialism or other artistic/critical movements, you’ve basically won yourself a loyal reader.

11. Graphics/photographs: Pull me in with your awesome graphic skills/love of photography.

12. Links to other bloggers’ reviews: I like the rounded approach to novels, and if I find I disagree with your review (positive or not), I appreciate the chance to read other people’s thoughts to get a balance.

13. Themed blogs: I really like finding blogs that only review contemporary or only science fiction, because it means that even if I don’t have time to read through my entire feed, I can get a good sense of what’s happening in those genres from specific blogs.

14. Recommendation posts: It’s great when I can find out more about the blogger’s taste in books beyond what they review.

15. Bloggers who strive to find unique ways to showcase their love for reading.

What are your favourite things about blogs you love?



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