Book Blogger 15 Day Challenge

[15 Day Challenge] Day 5: I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

15-Day-ChallengeSo I am nothing if not a fan of challenges. Happily, April over at Good Books and Good Wine just came up with a fantastic meme for book bloggers, and I’m definitely going to be participating!

(I know, I know–I’m SO not on time anymore because life got in the way, but I’m back now!)

I’m a crybaby, and everyone knows it. But I rarely literally sob over novels.

12954231 Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, however, seriously broke me.


That was almost literally me while reading CNV. I haven’t even reviewed it because thinking about it hurts. I would venture to say the experience was much like my reaction to Amy Pond and Rory Williams’ exit from Doctor Who: I cried so much I ended up on the floor for a good ten minutes. And then went a little bit catatonic.

Sometimes books give me feelings.

What books would you consider tearjerkers?



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  1. I need to find more tear jerker books! Tuesdays with Morrie made me cry the most of anything I have read so far and if I hadn’t been in a public place, I would have bawled my eyes out for Forbidden. I’ll definitely have to put CNV on my tear jerker list!

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

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