Book Blogger 15 Day Challenge

[15 Day Challenge] Day 4: Book Tiara Action

15-Day-ChallengeSo I am nothing if not a fan of challenges. Happily, April over at Good Books and Good Wine just came up with a fantastic meme for book bloggers, and I’m definitely going to be participating!

So I’m not violent when it comes to books. Mostly. But there are a few exceptions…

13104080 Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi, but not for the reasons you might think.

Picture the scene: a young woman lies in her bed, surrounded by pillows of all shapes of and sizes. On her lap sits a fairly thick hardcover novel, and she turns the pages with a fervor. Then…there it is. Chapter 62. That fateful set of pages that would result in her doom. She reads quietly, nervously, because she’s been warned. She tells herself it won’t happen. Loyalties can’t be switched that easily. And besides, Warner’s awful!

It happens slowly, subtly. With each word, she slips little by little into a place she never ever thought she would find herself in. Camp Warner. 

As the chapter draws to a close, she realizes what’s happened, and with a whimper, she throws the book across the bed. She hides under her blankets because it’s happened. The thing she never wanted. Warner. And she can never go back again.


What books have you thrown across the room?



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  1. Ahhh, yes. I was in this position too. I was so anti Warner, Then this happened.. There is no going back, you are right. Plus I loved this book, but julliette was so whiny through the whole thing.. so I was almost to the point of gently tossing it. lol.

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