Book Blogger 15 Day Challenge

[15 Day Challenge] Day 3: Blogging BFFs

15-Day-ChallengeSo I am nothing if not a fan of challenges. Happily, April over at Good Books and Good Wine just came up with a fantastic meme for book bloggers, and I’m definitely going to be participating!

Blogging has brought so much into my life, but best of all, it’s brought me some awesome friends.

IMG_1262Here in Toronto, I would say I’m closest to the three girls in the photo on the left. I always have an amazing time whenever I hang out with Christa, Andrea and Brenna, not to mention the fact that we share many of the same interests and reading preferences. I’ve really enjoyed going to book events with these ladies and the rest of the Ontario Blog Squad–it’s wonderful to have a little home team to hang out with!


Meghan and I with Marissa Meyer–because sadly, I have yet to take a photo with Jen or Aimee 😦

Outside of the Greater Toronto Area, Jen, Aimee and Meghan are my best blogging/IRL friends who I’ve known forever. Being friends with them for so long means we know each other’s tastes very well, and if any of them recommend a book to me, chances are it’s going to get read immediately. We met through a Sailormoon fanfiction community, and we’ve worked at maintaining the friendship over seven years and thousands of miles. Blogging is just one aspect of our friendship, but it’s great to be able to talk about reviews and critiques of stories with them.

I’ve moved so many times in my life that the friendships I make online have been the longest lasting friendships I’ve had, and happily, they have extended beyond the screen and into some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. I am so grateful that blogging has led these amazing friends into my path

What has blogging taught you about friendship?



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  1. <333

    Some of my favorite conversations with you have been about books and bookish things, and I'm so glad to have had those with you for over seven years. (And hopefully we can take a picture together some day soon!)

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