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[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Favorite TV Relationships

So I have this really awesome friend named Anna, who runs her own television blog called The Weekly Enthusiast. She recently started a new meme, inspired by Top Ten Tuesdays, and it’s a great break from book talk!

Real talk, y’all: this was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written. When it comes to TV, shipping is 85% of the reason why I even  bother watching shows. I deliberated over this list for HOURS, so you’re getting not just my top five ships, but also five honourable mentions.

5.  Jude/Tommy (Instant Star)

On the tour bus… coming home and seeing you was almost all I could think about. And I wanted to put those feelings away, to stay safe.”
“Can you bring them back out?”
“Not while you’re staring at me like that.”

Jude/Tommy was one of those ships that tore me apart, for a couple of reasons: a) when they first met, she was 16 and he was 22 and b) both of them had to work with each other as producer and singer. Despite those things (and maybe even because of them), they fell in love, but didn’t actually get together until Jude was 18. They’re one of the more passionate couples I ship, because so much of their love story had to be hidden in glances and double meanings until she got a little bit older. I liked that Tommy was honourable enough to stay away until she was legal, and I liked that Jude was smart enough to move away from Tommy when he started getting too aggressive. While they don’t end up together at the end of the series, I do think that they helped each other mature and ultimately, they are better off having known each other.

4. Brad/Jane (Happy Endings)

“And after that, I knew I’d never go back to that restaurant again.”
“Because I made the waiter cry and you got your picture up by the bounced checks?”
“That was part of it. But I also knew I’d never need a break-up restaurant again. Cause I found a woman who was so sure of what she wanted, and she wanted me.”

I only started watching Happy Endings back in May, but I loved Brad and Jane from the very first episode. Jane is a lot like me–neurotic, obsessive and playful–while Brad is silly and honest. They play off each other’s quirks so well, and they have the kind of relationship where all they have to do is look at each other and they already know what the other is thinking. Jane doesn’t blink an eye when Brad names his sweatpants, and Brad is proud of his wife’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Season 2 Brad/Jane is especially hilarious, because while their home life is on the far side of crazy, there is such obvious love between them that it’s easy to see how they can find humour in any situation.

3. Holly J/Declan (Degrassi)

“You have to trust me, Holly J. I don’t normally try this hard, and I am terrified right now.”

Oh hey there, ship that broke me in the summer of 2011. I didn’t start watching Degrassi until 2010, when Aimee @ Penmanship Smitten told me I HAD to check out season 9’s Holly J and Declan. While I spent much of the first few episodes totally confused (Degrassi has SO many characters and sub-plots), I loved seeing these two on screen. Holly J might be a Type A, neurotic (noticing a pattern here?) girl, but Declan helps her to maintain her focus and still have fun. Declan doesn’t take anything seriously, but Holly J keeps him grounded and doesn’t take any of his crap.

2. Makino/Domyouji (Hana Yori Dango [Boys Over Flowers])

“If you knew [I was the bait], why’d you come?”
“Isn’t it obvious? It’s because I love you. I love you.”

Makino/Domyouji might be my second favourite ship right now, but I can’t deny that it does have some problematic threads. Makino might attend a prestigious and expensive academy, but she has nothing else in common with her rich classmates. Domyouji is an awful, awful person at the start of the show, bullying anyone who displeases him. Their paths cross when Makino defends a new transfer student, and Domyouji’s rage makes itself in one of the most vicious bullying sprees I’ve ever seen. Makino doesn’t shy away, however, and by the end of the first episode, she’s angry enough that she declares war and punches him in the face. Granted, I might have been uncomfortable with Domyouji in the beginning, but I can’t deny that Makino’s confidence and strength is exactly what he needed to grow up. They tease each other and insult each other, and their affection shines through. They do some truly crazy things in the name of love, and you can’t help but admire their tenacity. Out of all my ships, this is probably the least realistic, but I adore the escape.

1. Amy/Rory (Doctor Who)

“Your girlfriend isn’t more important than the whole universe.”
*Rory punches the Doctor* “She is to me!”

“You’re asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of time itself, for a boy.
“You’re Amy. He’s Rory. And oh yes, I am.”

Those two quotes describe Amy and Rory’s relationship best, I find, and they’re what I bring up whenever someone tells me that Rory loves Amy more or that they’re better as brother and sister or that they’re just an awful couple. Both of them have defied the universe and the Doctor to save the other, and they would do it all over again. I actually love that Amy can’t quite express her emotions, which is a nice change from having the stoic guy and affectionate girl. Rory steadies Amy, gives her something to hold on to even as she explores her dreams. Amy gives Rory something to fight for, and she kindles his sense of adventure. They understand each other so well that they don’t need obvious signs of affection to prove it, and they love each other even when it hurts. And in the end, they will always, always choose one another above everything else.

Honourable Mentions:

** Peter/Olivia (Fringe)

“I’ve seen what the two of us together looks like. And it’s beautiful.”

“If it wasn’t for you, I would have never made it back. You saved my life.”

** Chloe/Alek (The Nine Lives of Chloe King)

Really, you should stop worrying about me so much.”
I can’t help it.”

“We belong together.”

** Simon/Kaylee (Firefly)

” In all that time on the ship… I’ve always regretted… not being with you.”
With me? You mean to say… as in sex?”
“I mean to say.”
“To hell with this. I’m gonna live!”

** Chad/Sonny (Sonny with a Chance)

This is nice. In theory.”
Oh yeah, we make a good couple. Hypothetically.”

“I wanna be seen with you anytime, anywhere…no matter how goofy your big brown eyes make me.”

** Mary/Matthew (Downton Abbey)

“Dear Lord, I don’t pretend to have much credit with you. I’m not even sure that you’re there. But if you are, and if I’ve ever done anything good, I beg you to keep him safe.”

“You’ve lived your life, and I’ve lived mine. Now it’s time we live them together.”

What are your favourite TV ships? Let me know in the comments, or make your own post!


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  1. (So yeah, I really love that Jude/Tommy .gif. A lot. And that episode. And and gkhdkghsgkhsgd.)

    It’s funny because every time I tried to think of a Jommy quote (which shouldn’t be hard – the show’s full of them!), that Unsweet Sixteen quote (not between Jude and Tommy, but between Kwest and Tommy) about how he’d date her in a split second if she was 21 kept coming to mind. XD But aghh, I love them for all the reasons you do, and I agree, both of them are better off having known each other. I still believe they would have given thing a second try some time after London, after Jude learned to grow musically and personally without him (but the series finale will still always make me cry).

    *adding Happy Endings to the to-watch list*

    Haha, that’s ALWAYS the Declan quote that comes to mind, and and the part when he talks about that poem he wrote called ‘Melancholy Turtle’. Just because Holly J and Declan have so many moments, but Declan’s at his best in Waiting for a Girl Like You, when the girl he’s kind of insanely attracted to for her interests (I love that Degrassi makes him crush on her because he caught a glimpse of some of her interests on a computer – you would not think that this is what would appeal to a guy like Declan, but he’s a total marshmallow on the inside, so of course it is) and he wants to get to know her better. I don’t know if you ever ended up watching the earlier episodes, when he and Holly J met for the first time and she kind of hit his car a little bit, but there were all these sparks and she was actually intrigued by him first, so yeah, this shipppppppppppp.

    Everything you said about Makino/Domyouji is why I loved the Hana Yori Dango manga/anime, and why I can’t wait to rediscover them in this drama.

    “We belong together” has me flailing all over again.

    And I love that your Channy quotes describe them first in season one, and then in season two.

    And YESSSSSSS to Amy/Rory. (I told you this post would be… less daunting once you wrote about them!) (rofl, “Rory punches the Doctor” – totally necessary for this quote.)

  2. I just wanna say how freaking awesome it is that you included Firefly on your list. Firefly is the best show of all time in my opinion and it was way underrated. You rock.

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