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Off the Bookshelf [12]: Girl of Nightmares | The Dead I Know

Off the Bookshelf is a quick peek at the books I’m currently reading, with a brief discussion of how I like them so far. 

I’ve missed doing these fun little memes, so expect to see more trips “off the bookshelf” during my hiatus. A few days away has already fixed up my reading slump, though I have been reading more sci-fi/fantasy than YA lately.

It’s been months since the ghost of Anna Korlov opened a door to Hell in her basement and disappeared into it, but ghost-hunter Cas Lowood can’t move on. His friends remind him that Anna sacrificed herself so that Cas could live—not walk around half dead. He knows they’re right, but in Cas’s eyes, no living girl he meets can compare to the dead girl he fell in love with.

Now he’s seeing Anna everywhere: sometimes when he’s asleep and sometimes in waking nightmares. But something is very wrong…these aren’t just daydreams. Anna seems tortured, torn apart in new and ever more gruesome ways every time she appears.

Cas doesn’t know what happened to Anna when she disappeared into Hell, but he knows she doesn’t deserve whatever is happening to her now. Anna saved Cas more than once, and it’s time for him to return the favor.

Horror doesn’t usually make an appearance in YA, but Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood was a welcome–and terrifying–surprise. I found myself hooked on Anna and Cas’ story and I couldn’t wait for the next installment. The prose in Girl of Nightmares is just as strong, and the plot is just as unpredictable and clever. I’m looking forward to talking about this book with all of you soon!

You wake in the middle of the night, your arms and feet pinned by strong hands. As you thrash your way to consciousness, a calm voice says, “Steady. We’re here to help.” Your mind registers a paramedic, a policeman, an ambulance. You are lying on the lookout at Keeper’s Point, the lookout Amanda Creen supposedly threw herself off. And you have absolutely no idea how you got there.

Aaron Rowe walks in his sleep. He has dreams he can’t explain and memories he can’t recover. Death doesn’t scare him – his new job with a funeral director may even be his salvation. But if he doesn’t discover the truth about his hidden past soon, he may fall asleep one night and never wake up.

I’m reading this one for a blog tour, and while I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards this kind of novel, I find the discrepancy between the subject matter and the tone of the book so fascinating. It’s too early to tell if I’m going to love this book, but I’ve definitely got hopes for the progression of the themes and of Aaron’s character arc.

What are you reading this week?


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