Camp Wordsmith

Camp Wordsmith: Big News!

For the next year, Christa (Hooked on Books), Jen (Almost Grown Up) and I will be posting about our writing adventures. We’ll be checking in every weekend with our word counts and story updates, as well as discussions on craft and inspiration. If all goes well, we may even have novels ready for revisions and beta readers by the end of the year!

Week 21

Word Count: 0

Total Word Count: 52,642

Stage: Finished!

That’s right, folks, I’ve finished my second novel! I wanted to announce it last week, but May hasn’t been a great month, and it’s been a bit difficult to muster up enthusiasm for blogging. I think June’s shaping up to be better, so rest assured you’ll have lots of CW updates on my end once more!

There’s not a lot I can say about my MS at the moment, so here’s what my summer is going to look like. I begin my first round of revisions tomorrow, and I hope to have them done by the end of June at the latest. Then I’ll be sending it off to a trusted friend and critique partner for some initial notes, which will hopefully help with my second round of revisions. After Round 2, it’ll be landing in the inboxes of three beta readers for more critique, and maybe some help with the title too. Once they’re done, it’s back to revisions for the last time. If all goes well, every single step of this process, I hope to be in the query stage by November/December at the earliest.

I know I’ve been pretty bad with updating, and a lot of it is because I’m focusing on real life things, including this MS. I don’t want to waste my time with shoddy work, and that’s what happens when I don’t write for myself every day. I’m still madly in love with this blog project though, and the awesome duo that is Christa and Jen keep me focused. Here’s hoping things are going well on their end too, and I’ll see you guys next week to report on my revision progress!

Don’t forget to check in with Christa and Jen today, too!


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  1. wow that’s a great schedule. Great job on finishing your second novel!
    Since it’s the last summer before my job starts, I’ve recently started writing again. I’m a bit worried about where to find the time to read and write and work at the same time in the future. this is my 5th day and I’ve gotten to write about 1,500 words in the last few days. Hopefully I can keep going at the same pace!
    Good luck with everything!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

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