Dewey 24-Hour Readathon Starter Post 2012

Woohoo spring readathon! This is coming at a critical time in the season, as I’m dealing with tons of projects and need to get a lot of reading done while I can.

It’s a nice mix of review books and TBR selections that I’ve been dying to get to. I’ll admit, this is a bit ambitious, considering I only have 24 hours, but we’ll see. I’ll be sitting around a lot today, so hopefully I’ll get lots of reading done.

April 21, 10:48 a.m.: 

Oryx and Crake: Finished! That was EXCELLENT. I may review it on my other blog soon.

Worth the Risk: When I found this Sarah Mayberry novella on Amazon, I knew I had to sneak it in! I love her contemporary stuff and this was a great romantic read.

446/446 pages

April 21, 1:26 p.m.:

More Than One Night: Okay okay, so I found another one by Sarah Mayberry that I haven’t read yet. It was adorable and perfect.

The Last Song (Eva Wiseman): I’m about a third of the way through this one. Beautiful language and writing style.

April 21, 2:21 p.m.:

The Last Song (Eva Wiseman): Finished! Review pending this week.

172 Hours on the Moon: Started! My expectations are high for this one.

The Opposite of Tidy: 

Sisterhood Everlasting:

Where We Have to Go:

The Immortal Rules:

The Gathering:

The FitzOsbornes in Exile:


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  1. I have ORYX AND CRAKE on my stack too (as I did last readathon, I believe). I reallt do want to read, but never seem to pick it up! Happy reading!

  2. Very cool and eccentric pile of books!

    You’re a wonderous reader
    reading 24 hours straight
    Because for readers like you
    Some books just can’t wait!

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