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Pottermore: The Wait is Over

After nine months of waiting, Pottermore is finally open to the public! I was lucky enough to be one of the one million beta users back in August (as WatchDawn164), but to be quite honest, I’ve forgotten much of it since then. It’s been a little strange seeing it pop up on my various social media sites, as more and more people sign up and explore it.

When I first entered the site in late August, I was enchanted by the beautiful graphics. As hard as it was to imagine how Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone could be transformed into an online world, the Pottermore team did a great job. But even though I loved seeing the artwork, I was much more interested in finding all those little tidbits of information that J.K. Rowling had placed into the website. But first, the wand.

Ollivander’s did not disappoint: I was granted a wand of black walnut and unicorn hair, 10 inches. I love that my wand is strong, loyal, and unyielding, and it’s also apparently excellent in charmwork (my favourite Hogwarts class). As for my sorting, I was happy to find that I really am a Hufflepuff! I still maintain that I am really a Gryffinpuff at heart, but the black and yellow is good for my soul.

As sorted on Hogwarts is Home (LiveJournal); graphic by Sara/zestyzorra

I won’t say too much more about what I found while exploring Pottermore, to keep the suspense going, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Leave your username in a comment and I’ll add you when I get back online tonight. 🙂


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  1. The game is getting fun. Yay, Slytherin is in the lead for the cup! My sister (who’s in Hufflepuff) says we’re are cheating – we are so not! My username is WildFelicis9741 by the way.

  2. I really need to get back on Pottermore, I really loved getting my wand and getting sorted. I loved finding out that I was right in what I always thought – that I’m a Ravenclaw, though I still maintain I’m a Slytherclaw. ^^ Though I’ll need to remember what my username was first. >.< lol

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