[blog tour] Obsessing over Lexapros and Cons

Welcome to the eight stop on the official Lexapros and Cons Blog Tour! With such a funny book making the rounds, I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed the previous posts.

Today, Aaron Karo stops by the blog to talk about his signature brand of brash humour and the experiences that informed Chuck Taylor’s story. Quite honestly, my blog may never be the same, and I love it.

Angel: One of the highlights of Lexapros and Cons is Chuck’s particular brand of humour. Did you ever have to draw a line between teen-appropriate humour and the things that made you laugh while writing the book?

Aaron: Are we doing humour with a U? Okay, then imagine me answering this question with a British accent.

I didn’t have to draw a line between teen-appropriate humoUr and the things that make me laugh…because the things that make me laugh are probably teen-appropriate. I think people forget how sophisticated kids are these days. There’s very little I find funny that I don’t think they would too.

Angel: OCD is so commonly discussed these days that it has, sadly, become a joke. What did you find most challenging about Chuck’s disorder and its presentation in popular culture?

Aaron: I think what people don’t realize about OCD is that people with OCD know that they have OCD. In other words, they know what they are doing is irrational and are cognizant of the fact that they suffer from an affliction, but can’t do anything about it. Also, being OCD and being really anal or neat are two very different things. That’s why Chuck gets upset in the book when other characters say, “I have a little OCD, too.”

Angel: How much research went into writing the story? 

Aaron: Well, Chuck Taylor is basically me. All of the OCD symptoms in the book I have suffered from at some point. I actually counted how often I masturbated for an entire year (luckily that was in ninth grade and I don’t do it anymore!). All of the stove checking and the obsession with hand sanitizer – those are all things I do now. So writing about OCD was very personal and really required introspection rather than research.

Angel: Are there any issues you feel are disregarded when it comes to literature for teen boys? 

Aaron: Yes and I think I’ve tried to touch on them all in Lexapros and Cons: masturbation, bullying, first love, and depression.

Angel: What would you tell a sixteen-year-old Aaron?

Aaron: “Don’t worry, dude, one day you will get laid a lot.”

About Aaron

In 1997 Aaron Karo wrote a funny email from his freshman dorm room that eventually spawned his celebrated column “Ruminations,” the humor website, and three books: “Ruminations on College Life,” “Ruminations on Twentysomething Life,” and “I’m Having More Fun Than You.” Also a nationally headlining comedian, Karo has performed on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and his one-hour special “Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History” premiered on Comedy Central in 2010. “Lexapros and Cons” is his first novel.

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