[recap] Random House Canada’s YA Blogger Event

The wonderful team at Random House Canada is certainly making a name for themselves with some truly amazing events! When I received the invitation last month, I must have scared them with my enthusiasm and immediate YES PLEASE. 😉 After February’s fabulous blogger event, I knew I was in for a great evening.

RHC has always been generous, and today was no exception. The first thing I saw as I entered the conference room were goodie bags from Bookurious! There was also a beautiful spread of food and drinks for all of us to much on. As lovely as the food was, I didn’t get a chance to go near it because there was so much to do!

Lindsey started off the event with an introduction to the four authors who came to meet us:

John Boyne talked about the inspiration for his fairy tale-inspired novel Noah Barleywater Runs Away, and discussed the dark themes that helped him figure out why we are all, as a society, still enamoured with those stories. His joke about finally being able to write a novel in a short amount of time garnered many laughs, as Mr. Boyne is an Irishman.

Shane Peacock of the Boy Sherlock Holmes series was up next, and he delighted us all with the tale of how this series came to exist. He wasn’t actually a fan of Holmes, but the story seemed to fit the famous character and gave Mr. Peacock something to muddle about with, when it came to addressing issues like racism, prejudice and justice. He was also an amazing speaker and should he ever decide to narrate audiobooks, I know I’d definitely listen in!

Lastly, Eric Walters and Teresa Toten took the stage and regaled us with poignant and hilarious stories about their journey to co-writing a book. Their banter was so entertaining and natural that laughing with them was easy. Both of them are also highly involved in their communities and in Africa, where Mr. Walters runs an orphanage. It’s always great to know that the authors I admire are worthy of not only my admiration, but my respect as well.

After each author discussed their books, we were given copies and got to have them signed by the writers!

With Teresa Toten and Eric Walters! My photos with John and Shane turned out too blurry to post, so you get this one.

The authors were all so friendly and easy to talk to, and I know I had a great time chatting with Lindsey and the rest of the Bloggettes as we waited for our turns.

Thank you to the showstopping team at Random House CA! It was a magnificent evening, and I’m so grateful that I get the chance to have such awesome bookish fun.

My haul:


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  1. Great post, Love. I see the YA elite were invited back! I’m a tad jealous, but happy for you, too. I’m more into literary fiction so I completely understand why I was not on the invite list! 😀 Great haul, girl. Keep up the great work!

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