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Camp Wordsmith: General Update [7]

For the next year, Christa (Hooked on Books), Jen (Almost Grown Up) and I will be posting about our writing adventures. We’ll be checking in every weekend with our word counts and story updates, as well as discussions on craft and inspiration. If all goes well, we may even have novels ready for revisions and beta readers by the end of the year!

Week 14

Word Count: 2,500

Total Word Count: 40,000

Stage: Writing

That’s right, fellow Campers, I’m in the home stretch! I’ve continued to keep quiet about my story so far, and it’s really helped. So far, the biggest challenge I’ve faced involved some bad planning in my timeline. The events in the story rely on a history of at least 20 years (at least, that’s what I’ve determined as of today). Since it’s a mystery–aha, a clue to the plot!–it’s even more important that I get the order of events right so that there’ll be less plot holes to fix come revision time. (I hope.)

I’ve also had some second thoughts about my characters’ names. While I’m not a baby-book kind of person, I do think it’s important that the names match the most important part of my characters’ personalities. I often go through three or four choices for each character, and settle on the final one about halfway through the story. This particular WIP has been difficult about that, since I seem to discover new aspects of my characters in every other chapter. Granted, that’ll probably make it easier for me to whittle things down during the revision process, but right now? It’s HARD. I’ve definitely got high hopes for this novel though, and I’m excited about the end!

Don’t forget to check in with Christa and Jen today, too!


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