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Return to the Shelf: March

My family and friends know me as “the girl who reads everything.” And I do! (Hours have been spent perusing brochures in waiting rooms. Hours.) But sometimes I come across a book that just doesn’t work for me, and (very) sadly, I have to put it down and move on. These are sad moments, my friends. “Taps” is known to play in the background.

That’s what this post is for. (Inspired by Cialina’s Maybe Next Time post!) Since I won’t be reviewing these books (I don’t believe in giving up on a story and then bashing it unnecessarily), I’d like to at least discuss my reasons for marking it as “did-not-finish.” Who knows, I may even decide to give it another chance! (I sincerely hope I won’t be doing this feature often.)

Happily, I’ve only had one DNF in the last two months. Sadly, it’s one that I had been anticipating since last year.

After the Snow, S.D. Crockett
Feiwel & Friends. March 27, 2012.

How much did I want to love this novel? So much that I spent an afternoon upset with myself because I fell asleep three times while reading it. In the end, I just couldn’t get through this book.

Point #1: The Ice Age is supposed to feel dangerous and deadly. Instead, it felt like a museum exhibit. As a post-apocalyptic setting, it fails at inciting any sort of emotion or concern for the characters.

Point #2: I lost patience with Willo somewhere around page 8. He’s fifteen, and every other badly constructed sentence has the word “dog” in it. Granted, I knew what the author was trying to depict in Willo, but that didn’t keep me from growing irritated with the unjustified immaturity.

Point #3: There was just no reason for me to care about where Willo was headed or what the society was like. The poor world-building didn’t allow for readers to slowly step into this new world, and that disconnection means less interest.

I am quite disappointed that I couldn’t finish this book, especially since I was so looking forward to it, but more intrepid readers may enjoy the challenge.


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  1. I didn’t thought this book screamed for me the first time I saw it on the NetGalley, but I’ve been hearing so many good reviews that it got me thinking I was wrong.

    But you put perspective back and I feel better now that the Ice Age was exactly what I expected.

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