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[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Actors/Actresses I Will Follow to Other Projects

So I have this really awesome friend named Anna, who runs her own television blog called The Weekly Enthusiast. She recently started a new meme, inspired by Top Ten Tuesdays, and since I LOVE this week’s topic, I figured I’d take a break from book talk and participate! Without further ado, my top five actors/actresses that I would follow to other projects:

5.  Anna Torv

Anna is luminous. I started watching Fringe about a month ago, and she just blew me away. Being able to play four different characters in one season? She is brilliant and I would love to see her in film or theatre.


4. Katie McGrath

Katie is an absolute joy to watch. I loved her from the moment I saw her in Merlin and despite the overabundance of smirky!Morgana in season 3, I would watch anything she does. I even watched the cheesy Lifetime movie A Christmas Princess for her!

3. Darren Criss

 This man belongs in the studio, recording indie songs and hilarious parodies. While I can’t quite say I’d follow him to EVERY project he does (I won’t watch Glee, no matter what he does on that show), I cannot wait for him to start doing original music again.


2. Catherine Tate

 Bless her, she is one of the few comedians that can make me laugh with a single expression. I definitely want to see her in more live theatre, and I would even start watching The Office again if she was on it.



1. Karen Gillan

 I just want to be her okay. I do. There’s just this awesome energy about her and she’s so pretty and she is Amelia Jessica Pond and I adore her to pieces. Most recently, I saw her in the TV movie We’ll Take Manhattan and her acting is impeccable. She’s learned so much from Doctor Who and I am so excited for her future projects.

Who would you love to see in other projects? Let me know in the comments, or make your own post!


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  1. Excellent choices all around. Just an FYI thought Katherine has been on the last 2 episodes on the Office and she’s amazing (not sure how long this character is staying for)

  2. Katie McGrath is a great actress! I mean, she did such a great job of making you love Morgana at the beginning of the series and hating her as it progressed. But yes, I could have done with a little less smirking in season 3 haha (just waiting on season 4 DVDs in the mail – can’t wait!!)

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