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[recap] Random House Canada’s Blogger Love Event

Is there anything better than a Saturday afternoon filled with books, blogger friends and talented authors? I didn’t think so. Random House Canada understands that, and threw a great blogger party today!

Nicole, Michele, Christa, Wendy and I arrived around 2 p.m., after a quick coffee stop, and were immediately welcomed by the lovely Lindsey.

As it reads on the Powerpoint, Random House termed today “A Celebration of Our Readers,” and it truly felt that way. When we entered the office, we saw The Night Circus, The Paris Wife and The Virgin Cure displayed on the front desk. Little did we know that the authors of those books were actually present!

Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus

Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife

Ami McKay, author of The Virgin Cure

Each author was invited to say a little something about her connection to blogging, and we were all blown away by how funny and insightful these ladies were. I especially loved it when Ami McKay shared her very first blog post, written right after finishing the first draft of her first novel. I always enjoy meeting authors, because it brings the reminder that these great people also started as nothing more than lovers of language and imagination.

Of course, before the program started, Wendy and I had a bit of fun with Tim.

Wendy meeting Tim (the Balloon) for the first time...

Wendy's sad because Tim ran away!

After the authors’ talk, Lindsey talked about Random House’s appreciation of their bloggers, and let me tell you, working with such passionate readers in publishing companies is such a joy. The staff took the time to compile blogger quotes for some of their books, and seeing some of my favourite bloggers be mentioned (and even printed in Jann Arden’s memoir!) was so fun.

Even the Ontario Blog Squad got a mention! Yes, that’s me on the right end, and it was such a surprise to see us up there. Sadly, Jen couldn’t make it to the event because of the crazy weather conditions, but seeing the photo was like having her around in spirit.

Lindsey also told us about six new books coming out this year that the entire staff is excited about. I was lucky to get a copy of The Age of Miracles, and can’t wait to dive in! I’m also really excited for One Good Hustle and Magnified World by Grace O’Connell (pictured top left corner).

After the presentation, we were absolutely ecstatic to find that RHC was providing all of us with copies of Erin, Ami and Paula’s books to get signed! Meeting Erin was so lovely, especially since I adored The Night Circus so much. They also gave us goodie bags full of books! (They’ll all be in my Mailbox post next week. :D)

And of course, what’s a blogger event without lots of photos with my Ontario Blog Squad girls?

Wendy, Liz and Michele

Christa, Jackie, me

Mel, Liz, Jackie, Nicole, me, Christa, Wendy and Michele

 Thank you for an amazing afternoon, Random House CA! I look forward to many more book discussions and great stories.



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  1. Thanks for the recap! I wanted so badly to be there, but I’m not near TO and getting a train ticket this time around wasn’t feasible. I really wanted to meet the rest of the bloggers. It sounds like it was a lot of fun! And thank you for that image of the bloggers’ quotes. 🙂

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