Camp Wordsmith

Camp Wordsmith: General Update [1]

For the next year, Christa (Hooked on Books), Jen (Almost Grown Up) and I will be posting about our writing adventures. We’ll be checking in every Saturday with our word counts and story updates, as well as discussions on craft and inspiration. If all goes well, we may even have novels ready for revisions and beta readers by the end of the year!

Week 3

Word Count: 2000

Total Word Count: 3200

Stage: Writing/outlining

Just a short update for today, since I’d like to spend more time writing this weekend. I’ve done a lot of writing this week for the blog and some other projects, so I’m glad I managed to squeeze in 2,000 words for the WIP. Settling on a setting has been pretty difficult–ideally, I’d like to set the story here in Toronto, but since I’m not super familiar with the area (compared to people who’ve lived here all their lives), it’s required research on my part. Christa, Jen and I will be discussing settings in a few weeks, so look out for that post!


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  1. VERY NICE! Looking forward to hearing what works for you. I freak if I try to write anything without a detailed outline. I’d like to hear how you fair. ^_^

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