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A Rant About the Internet (with bonus Doctor Who GIFS!)

The internet is an awesome place. Every day, I sign into my various social media accounts and I’m constantly amazed by the creativity and imagination of complete strangers. Communities of fans come together to support the things they love and the people they admire, and I think it’s wonderful that we can have a place like this.

But for some strange, inexplicable reason, there is a hell of a lot of negativity in the various online spheres that I participate in, and it’s just exhausting to watch. In one corner, there are authors getting angry at bloggers/reviewers for having thoughts and feelings. In another, bloggers/reviewers are getting angry at authors for having thoughts and feelings. And even more disappointing are the instances in which bloggers spout judgmental words about people who they will probably never meet.

Call me crazy (and a little bit cliched), but I thought high school was over. I’d like to think that the internet is a big place, bigger than any of us really need it to be, and I don’t understand why it’s so important for people to force their opinions onto others.

Most bloggers are adults. We have bills to pay, family and friends to be with, and books to read. You are perfectly free to have whatever opinions you want about whatever you want. But just because there’s a blinking cursor on a screen, it doesn’t mean you have to express these opinions. Yeah, First Amendment, et cetera, et cetera. You have the freedom to say what you want to say. But that amendment is not an obligation to do so. Much like you, other people also have the right to say what they want and do what they want, and unless they’re committing an act of terrorism or hurting you/your family/friends, none of that is your business.

People have lambasted Becca Fitzpatrick for her “be nice” blog post, and while I don’t necessarily agree with everything she said, I do think that she has a point. Being polite isn’t overrated. Neither is learning how to keep one’s mouth shut. Sometimes I want to kick and scream and flame certain people for thinking things I don’t agree with.

But I don’t tweet/post it on Facebook/blog about it. Because you know what? 99% of the time, it’s not something I can change. I’ll rant a little to my friends or my mom, then let it go.

Not everything needs to be a battle. The internet is the internet. It’s not life or death. And for the sake of our collective sanity, can we just talk about how awesome books are?

tl;dr People have opinions. Share them at your own risk. Don’t cry if people disagree/disregard it completely. If you have nothing good or constructive to say, talk to people, not the internet.


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  1. Well said. Often times the things witnessed seem like we’re back in high school.
    And you’re right, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should. Sure, we all CAN write whatever we want, but doesn’t mean we should! There should be some semblance of human decency and common courtesy.. respect for each other..

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