[blog tour] Cinder: A Conversation with Prince Kai

Welcome to the ninth stop on the official Cinder Blog Tour! I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts so far, and have learned lots about Cinder, her friends and the brilliant Marissa Meyer.

Today, I have the great honour of introducing you to the heir of the Eastern Commonwealth, His Royal Highness Prince Kai. The Prince has graciously agreed to answer some questions about his life as a royal, his most treasured memories and his hopes for the future.

AngelWhat is the best thing about growing up as a Prince? Conversely, what are some challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Prince Kai: There’s no humble way to say this—it’s nice being beloved by an entire country. To have men wanting to shake my hand, and women wishing me a lifetime of happiness, and girls, you know… being girls. There isn’t a citizen in the Commonwealth who wouldn’t welcome me as a friend into their home, just as we welcome the residents of New Beijing into our home for each annual ball. That’s the sort of trust and mutual respect that should have to be earned, but I’ve been lucky to have been given it freely.

On the other hand, that same adoration comes with a supreme lack of solitude and freedom, that I have yet to get used to. I may be free to come and go from the palace at will, but I risk drawing attention from every person I pass, unless I take efforts to be invisible. And of course, royal security is always watching me and can track my location through my ID chip at any given time. It’s unnerving to know you’re never truly alone.

Angel: Who are your role models and how did they influence you?

Prince Kai: My Dad, for sure. He’s one of the best rulers the Commonwealth has seen, since even before the unification. He’s firm in his decisions, but open to compromise, and always fair and generous toward our people. And despite the demands his position puts on him, he still always manages to know what subjects I’ve been studying with my tutor and take an interest in my life. I aspire to be half the leader he’s been.

Angel: When and where were you happiest?

Prince Kai: Going to the Annual Peace Festival when I was growing up. We would go every year as a family, before my mother died. Sure, there were a lot of photo ops and diplomatic meet-and-greets and royal traditions that my parents had to tend to, but Mom always found a way to sneak in a few private moments. Just the three of us, eating spicy noodles from the street vendors and watching the musicians practice for the parade that we would inevitably miss (being a part of it ourselves). It was during these moments I felt the most connected to both my parents and the Commonwealth.

Angel: What is your most treasured possession?

Prince Kai: My portscreen. Every childhood vid and photo, every friendly contact, every school lesson, beloved book, and distracting drama—all contained on a lightweight tablet I can hook on my belt. I’d be utterly lost without it.

Angel: Have you ever fallen in love, and if so, how has it changed you?

Prince Kai: When I was fourteen, I was convinced that I was in love with one of the chefs-in-training here at the palace. She was five years my senior and engaged to an architect in the city, but I thought for sure she would leave him for me, given that I am a prince and all. I was devastated on the day of their wedding, but once I came to my senses, I learned two very important things: love and infatuation are not the same thing, and being a crown prince isn’t worth all that much when it comes to true affection. I’ve dated other girls since then, of course, but nothing too serious, and I haven’t had my heart broken since that one time. I guess when it does happen, I’ll know it’s for real.

Angel: What do you believe the future holds for you and your kingdom? 

Prince Kai: Times are tough, we all know that and I can’t sugarcoat what the Commonwealth is going through right now. With Letumosis claiming more lives every day, even threatening the life of my own father, we are as weak as we’ve ever been. I do fear that there are those out there—namely, Queen Levana and the Lunars—who would take advantage of this vulnerability.

But I remain optimistic that we will pull through this, and be stronger because of it. Scientists are working around the clock to find a cure for this awful disease, and my father and his cabinet have been implementing programs across the country to assist those who have been hurt the most. And though I can’t go into details, I myself have been researching ways to diplomatically resolve our differences with Luna. Nothing is ever easy, but I believe in the Commonwealth, and I want to earn my place among many generations of respected leaders. I won’t let the Commonwealth down.

Thank you for coming to visit, Prince Kai, and best wishes for you and the Eastern Commonwealth!

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Watch the beautiful trailer:

–read my review, and find out more about Ms. Meyer in my interview with her.

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    I mean *cough* Oh, hi, Kai. I’m a normal human being.

    Please marry me.


  2. Oooh, I can’t wait to read this book. I’ve heard only good things about it. :] I kind of despise the Disney Cinderella, but I loved Ella Enchanted, so I’m super excited for a new Cinderella retelling! Gabi: teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

  3. All I’ve got to say is AWESOME…and some other stuff.
    Thanks for the giveaway and please add me in!
    I’m dying to read Cinder and hear more from Kai!

  4. Oh Kaaaaaaai ❤

    As soon as I saw the topic for this tour post, I jumped straight over. Thanks for the awesome interview!


  5. Love the interview Angel! You and Marissa did a fantastic job with it. 😀

    I finally finished Cinder a couple of days ago, and I have so many thoughts and all the feelings! XD

  6. One of my friends has been raving about this book for quite some time, and when I had no idea what she was talking about, she sent me to your blog. This interview is fantastic. I think I’m in love with Kai, and I know so little about him. And judging from your review, I *know* I’m going to love this book.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’d love to enter!

  7. I really enjoy character interviews, when they are well done, as this one is. It gives additional depth to Prince Kai. I am reading the ebook version of Cinder right now, but I’d love to have my own hard copy. Thanks.

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