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Welcome to Camp Wordsmith!

Most of you know me as a book blogger and occasional fangirl. What you may not know is that I’m also a creative writing major and aspiring novelist. I won’t lie, it’s been difficult finding the time to write, what with all the things that have happened in the last eight months:

– moving to Toronto from the Philippines

– finding a job

– establishing this blog

– reading everything I missed out on during senior year of university

– being a good daughter and sister, etc.

I love writing, and I’ve missed it. Yes, including the deadlines.

That’s where Camp Wordsmith comes in! For the next 50 weeks, Christa (Hooked on Books), Jen (Almost Grown Up) and I will be posting about our writing adventures. We’ll be checking in every Saturday with our word counts and story updates, as well as discussions on craft and inspiration. If all goes well, we may even have novels ready for revisions and beta readers by the end of the year!

We hope you’ll stop by and join us next Saturday for the first official Camp Check-In! To inspire you, one of my favourite quotes from Sara Maitland’s “Bird Woman Learns to Fly,” in a banner made by my lovely friend Alicia:


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  1. My son challenged me to a writing duel after he took his college finals this summer: we would each write at least 500 words a day, and the better novel (as judged by an “independent” panel of friends and family) would win. Have I mentioned my son loves competition? The best part about his verbal glove-slap is that it has forced me to write 500 words a day. When you’re on a roll, 500 words is not only manageable, it’s downright easy. When you’re not on a roll, you still have to write those 500 words. You know the next day is coming up soon, and you’ll have to write 500 more, and it can feel unrelenting. When you’re stuck on the plot, you have to plow through, and console yourself that you’ll fix the weak spots “in post.” It has made me churn out a draft faster than I thought possible. It’s a new way of working for me — I’m used to lots of manuscript tweaking and polishing as I go, and lots of mulling time when I’m stuck — but it has been a fun experience, and very productive.

  2. This sounds interesting – and has a creative title, too! The past year for me as well has been crazy-hectic and I commend you (and highly respect you) for pushing your writing forward and finding time to write, as I know it would take a lot for me to get to that point. Best of luck with your writing, you three! πŸ™‚

    (And hi, Angel! You followed my blog The Real Book Critique and I wanted to check out what you’re up to. I love the blog – nice layout and great content – and I look forward to talking books with you!)

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