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Book Disappointments: Have you ever come across a book you were so stoked to read, but it failed miserably in your eyes?

 I know, I know. I’ve seen all the positive reviews and I was even going to buy it at one point. The day after I chose not to buy it, it came into my library. I then spent one of the most tedious days of my life trying to read this book.

Here’s the thing: I love Greek/Roman mythology. I had a Classical Latin class in high school which I adored and I studied it again in university. My love for their culture and stories knows no bounds. Admittedly, this has created really high standards for any novels that attempt to retell or rework Greek/Roman mythology. Starcrossed failed to live up to those standards.

The parallels with Twilight are just some of the things I disliked about the novel. The mythology was poorly used, and at times, quite butchered. It did feel as though well-known elements of successful stories were simply mixed together in the hope of creating something universally appealing. And sadly, the writing wasn’t compelling in the least.

I don’t like the fact that I have to say these things about such a popular book. On one hand, it’s always good to start a discussion and be the devil’s advocate. On the other, my experience with books like Starcrossed and The DUFF have made me extremely wary of anything that’s received boatloads of buzz. That experience has highlighted how difficult it is to really know whether a book is deserving of your time just from word-of-mouth alone.

This week’s Follow Friday question is:

It’s that pesky magic book fairy again! She has another wish: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

I’m going with what’s got to be a very popular answer:

I imagine I don’t really have to explain why.


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  1. That’s so good to know about Starcrossed. It’s been on my TBR for awhile, but I don’t know if I could handle another Twilight-like book. And i tend to stay away from books that get tons and tons of buzz, for the same reason. I would probably like them more if I didn’t go in to reading with such high expectations. Oh well.
    happy Friday.

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