Brilliant Bloggers Awards!

It’s been a pretty quiet week over here at Mermaid Vision Books, mostly because I’ve been busy with six-seven hour shifts at the Toronto International Film Festival. Imagine my surprise when I came home on Wednesday night, exhausted and ready to collapse, and found that the awesome Eve Marie Mont chose me as one of her brilliant bloggers! In case you don’t know, Eve is the author of A Breath of Eyre, coming from Kensington/KTeen in April 2012. Thank you so much Eve!

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me. (see above)
2. Share seven random facts about myself. (see below)
3. Pass the award along to 5 newfound blogging buddies
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Seven Random Facts about me:
1. I have 15,294 songs in my iTunes library. No, I haven’t listened to all of them. Yes, I still surprise myself sometimes: “Wait, I have that song? When did that happen?”
2. When I get stressed out or feel upset, I take out a colouring book and pencils and colour until I feel better. Really.

(I coloured that during finals week in March.)

3. Amy Pond/Karen Gillan is my spirit animal.

4. I met Darren Criss twice last December and he let me fluff his hair. It’s so bouncy that one lock curled around my pinkie and I thought it was going to get tangled.
5. Sailormoon fanfiction has brought me some of my best and oldest friends to date.
6. I am afraid of dolls and mirrors. I refuse to have either in my room, though I am surrounded by teddy bears and dolphins.
7. I’m not afraid of ghosts or zombies or werewolves, but the idea of the vampire (as in Dracula) terrifies me.

As for my 5 Brilliant Blogger picks:

1. Katie of Katie’s Book Blog
2. Cherie of Ready Write Go
3. Melanie McCullough
4. Mel of He Followed Me Home
5. Arlaina Tibensky

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the tips and other kindnesses you’ve shown me in the last month. 🙂


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