Off the Bookshelf

Off the Bookshelf: August 30, 2011

Off the Bookshelf is a post dedicated to the books I’m currently reading, and will go up every Tuesday here on Mermaid Vision Books.

This week, I’m focusing on just one book and catching up on my reviews! Tomorrow, a VEEEEEEEEEERY long post on Fan Expo Canada will go up, so I’m pretty busy drafting it.

Since there’s only one book to be featured, have a photo of me fangirling over it!

Yes, I got a copy of The Space Between from Penguin Canada. No, I cannot control my excitement. Lilith myths have always fascinated me. I actually wrote a short story about Lilith on the last day of the world and it remains my favourite out of all the pieces I’ve written. Getting into her head is such a challenge and I can’t wait to find out what Brenna Yovanoff has in store for me.

What are you reading this week?


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