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A Charismatic Kind of Love

It’s no secret that I adore romance novels and the euphoric rush they always bring, right up to the thud heard around the world once you come down. I zoom through Harlequin’s Blaze series every month, and while there are more disappointments than not, it’s rewarding enough once I finally do find the perfect story to curl up with on my couch.

When it comes to movies, however, I tend to take a more passive approach. Without a university allowance, I’m pretty restricted to whatever my mom’s willing to watch with me, and that’s perfectly fine. I haven’t found a lot of movies I want to spend the $13.50 on, besides Harry Potter. Last week saw the release of Crazy, Stupid, Love and as soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I’d be dragging my mom along.

As the story of a marriage falling apart, the film is great, playing up the invisible fraying threads between Cal and Emily. Neither of them are completely evil, and both learn just how hard it is to keep a marriage going after 25 years. Steve Carell is a joy to watch, with a comedic and emotional range that highlights his talents.

But the real stars of this film are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling who brought me the on-screen giddy romance I’ve been looking for ever since Ron and Hermione locked lips. Ryan’s been on my Crush list ever since I saw him in Young Hercules–no judging!–and I have yet to find a movie of his that I didn’t enjoy. Emma Stone is also one of the vibrant actresses I’ve ever seen and my love for Easy A guarantees that I’ll watch anything she’s in.

Whether they’re flying solo or laughing together, both of them shine. They’re two stars that make watching any film a purely fun experience, and it’s difficult to look away. Anticipation for their next scenes build whenever they’re off-screen. It’s this brand of charisma that I look for in a romance novel, this need to be with the characters longer and experience their happiness. Not many romcoms can achieve this, and as cliché as it might be, Crazy, Stupid, Love has the heart to pull it off.


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    • It’s definitely worth the money! I would see it again if I could haha. PS you and I really need to figure out when we can hang out, because the East Coast is not that big a place

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