Off the Bookshelf

Off the Bookshelf: August 2, 2011

Off the Bookshelf is a post dedicated to the books I’m currently reading, and will go up every Tuesday here on Mermaid Vision Books.

This week, I’m trying desperately to catch up with my library books:

 I started this book last night and so far I’m a little intrigued and a little confused. The premise makes me want to keep reading, but I don’t really understand why London can’t remember anything from her past once she goes to sleep. There’s no real explanation given. I’m hoping I’ll find out once I’ve finished it.








This book’s got two things I can never resist: Europe’s royal families and a princess caught in a fate she never asked for. I’ve always loved Anastasia’s story, and I’m excited to see what this novel has to offer.










I’ve been hearing a lot about this novel and I won’t lie, I can relate to Violet’s dilemma. It’ll be interesting to see how this Gothic story unfolds.











I hope I never run out of short story collections to read! This particular one doesn’t feature any favourite authors, but I’m ready to try something new anyway.










What are you reading this week?


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