Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Show Up: July 22, 2011

While Mermaid Vision Books is primarily a book blog, I figured it’d get a little tiring reading review after review. So I’m going to try out something new: every Friday, I’m going to be posting about the shows I’m currently watching, in an attempt to stay on track. I have a few friends who’ve been patiently waiting for me to get to their recommendations. I feel bad about slacking off, hence this themed post.

At the moment, I’m in the middle of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2.  Specifically, I just finished episode 13 and can’t quite pick my jaw up off the ground. I understand that the fandom is mainly divided along certain lines:

But I’ve seen two episodes from the Spike era and don’t really get the appeal. I much prefer Angel, broody as he is, to the unpredictable Spike. This realization got me thinking about who I’ve shipped in other shows that have a love triangle, and the conclusion? I like safe. From Amy/Rory of Doctor Who to Nathan/Haley of One Tree Hill to Rory/Dean of Gilmore Girls, I prefer the boys who are dependable and calm. There’s probably some psychological reason why I’m like this, but hey, what’s so bad about wanting someone to lean on?

I’m not looking forward to the crazy drama that’s sure to pop up in the next few episodes, and since I already know that Angel gets a spin-off, it won’t be that big a surprise when he does leave Buffy. Right now, though, I’m going to rewatch some Buffy/Angel scenes on YouTube and bask in the fleeting happiness of my newest ship.

Are there particular ships that you didn’t think you’d like? Or are you like me, with predictable attachments to certain types of characters? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I was a big shipper for Doctor/Rose and I liked how they kind of made that finally come to pass. I never liked Cyclops/Jean Grey in the X-Men, not sure why, but I always liked Jean with Wolverine more and Cyclops with Emma Frost. On Firefly I was always a big supporter of the Mal/Inara. And on One Tree Hill I always pushed for Lucas/Peyton. Are those predictable? I guess so.

    I loved Spike and Buffy. And I enjoyed Angel so much more when he broke off on his own. Spike and Buffy was fun because it didn’t entirely make sense, but Joss is great at making those scenarios work with his characters without forcing them. Buffy is a very different person when she gets together with Spike, she’s died multiple times, and wasn’t entirely glad to be back from death the most recent time. Spike and Buffy made each other awesome, he brought out the darkness in her, and she brought out the humanity in him.

    I’m not shipping for Castle/Beckett at all on Castle. I think it will ruin their chemistry if those two get together. They’re so much better just walking that line of sexual tension. I also never wanted House/Cuddy to get together. House can’t be in any relationship, it weakens him.

    I was a shipper for Starbuck/Apollo in the new BSG too. And Athena/Helo too.

  2. It’s funny, because I’m just the opposite (except Nathan/Haley. I love Naley). I love Spike/Buffy and Jess/Rory.
    And Buffy is an amazing show. I’m *so* glad you’re watching it.
    Xander and Oz will forever be my favorite characters from that show. Hell, my car is named after Xander. XD

    • I was about to basically write what you just wrote, down to the ships and characters. Though for Buffy, while I like Angel as a character, Spike always interested me more (and his entire story depresses me so much, actually). But I don’t think I ever strongly shipped her with anyone. I just love him as a character.

      (I loveeeeeeee Jess/Rory so much omg. I hate that they didn’t end up together, but I don’t mind that Rory ended up alone. I like to pretend that they found their way back eventually. Dean was okay, but UGH, Logan. Let’s pretend Logan never happened.)

  3. What do you think of Willow and Oz? Season 2 is my favourite season for two reasons: Spike. And the Willow/Oz relationship. So awesome.

    And for the record: I ship Spike/Buffy. Mainly because the very first episode I watched was Once More With Feeling in Season 6. So I came into it in the middle of the Spuffyiness and then backtracked to Buffy/Angel. And while I do love the Buffy/Angel dynamic, I still love Buffy/Spike more. Plus for some reason I liked Angel a lot more in his own show. *shrugs*

    Also since you happened to mention Rory/Dean. Yeah, never understood that, never shipped it. Even way back in Season 1 I was rooting for Rory/Tristan rather than Rory/Dean. And then of course, Jess came along in Season 2, and well. Jess. XD

  4. I was the same way when I sat down and actually watched Buffy all the way through. Though a lot of my love for Angel, stemmed on the fact that I love David Boreanaz* in Bones. But as the seasons progressed (and after I started watching Angel the series), I jumped on the Spuffy ship.

    Though with most of my shows, I’m pretty back and forth on ships. For the most part, I jump on ships with pretty awesome followings. Haven has been the hardest one for me to pick a ship.

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