Off the Bookshelf

Off the Bookshelf: July 19, 2011

Off the Bookshelf is a post dedicated to the books I’m currently reading, and will go up every Tuesday here on Mermaid Vision Books.

This week, I’m powering through two books from the library:

So far, I haven’t been disappointed by any of the stories in this collection. I’m not a vampire fan, by any means, but I AM a Holly Black/Melissa Marr/Neil Gaiman fan. I’ve also read Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling’s previous anthologies The Green Man and The Faery Reel, which were lovely and thought-provoking. Definitely looking forward to the rest of this book!






I’ve been waiting for a year to read this book. I really like the language and style that McKinley’s chosen to use. I’m particularly interested in the mythology that she had to research.








This week’s going to be a little slow, since I’m focusing on getting this blog up and running, along with my job search. But it’s always nice to come out of the rat race and settle down with a lovely book. Tomorrow: a personal introduction to the girl behind the blog.


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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 I’ve got both of these books on my wishlist already so it’s good to hear that you’re enjoying them so far! I’ll look forward to reading your reviews of them too 🙂

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